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U.S. Funding and China’s Forced Abortions

By February 18, 2011Blog, Sanctity of Life
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The United Nations Population Fund + $55 million = … well … check out the links in the story below.

If Americans do not want to pay for the elective abortions of fellow citizens, they’ll be appalled to learn we’re paying for forced abortions — in China.  And yet, liberal members of Congress — shamefully led by women — peddle the line that the organization responsible for creating China’s one-child policy, and continues its work in China, promotes “voluntary” abortions.

The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) is scheduled to get $55 million in federal funding.  Just what do they do?

Listen to Rep. Chris Smith (R-New Jersey) to learn where your money is going.  Then send it to others.

Here’s the transcript to use this information in letters, school reports, speeches, and water-cooler conversations.  Few people have Rep. Smith’s knowledge and passion — but we can spread his.