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Two Flags We Ought to Fly

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By Sierra M. Welch, YWA Ambassador at North Central University

In the United States of America, we have the honor and privilege to live in a country that has been founded on the fundamental understanding that every human life has inherent meaning, worth, and value. Our constitution declares our right as individuals to peaceful protest, to freedom of speech, and to freedom to worship as we please. Wondrously, the Declaration of Independence promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As I turn my eyes heavenward, I long to see the flag of the Christian faith and the American flag proudly flying high, reminding every American of the glorious and awe-inspiring freedom that we hold, especially the freedom to worship God as people of faith in Christ. 

This reality is not known to every individual throughout the world. Not only do many countries not see these rights as necessary or inherent, but there is little religious liberty. Bold Christian faith is often offered the kiss of ostracism, harsh hostility, and even death. Where there is a melting pot of gods, worldviews, and religions, often there are very few churches proclaiming the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ due to the hostility towards those of the Christian faith. Not only can there be safety concerns, but there is great spiritual depravity, darkness, and hopelessness without the sweet knowledge of Jesus Christ.

As we wrestle with the reality that there is great need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed across every nation, tribe, and tongue, may we praise God for the captivating liberty we have in America. This delightful freedom has been fought for a thousand times over by brave men and women since the genesis of the United States. May this sacrifice never be forgotten as we hoist up our flags through wind, rain, and sunshine.