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Time for Women to Oppose the ERA !

By January 15, 2019Virginia
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A heartfelt thank you to all of those who responded to our last e-alert on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) by contacting your individual senator and the members of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee. We must continue to maintain the pressure. If you have not yet taken action – please consider reviewing that e-alert and helping in the ways it requests. In addition, there’s also something else you can do that will make a difference.

Please take action now!  

Women opposed to the ERA across the state are uniting together in a video effort this week (January 14 – 19). The goal is to inundate lawmakers with heartfelt, informal, brief videos from women expressing their opposition to ERA. It’s easy! Using your mobile phone, laptop or tablet – simply record a 30 second to two-minute video expressing your opposition in your own words. You can use these talking points to assist you.

We are already receiving videos and will also cut statements from last week’s press conference. Please don’t hesitate to take this action, and, ask others to do the same. Time is of the essence.

IMPORTANT FOR YOUR RECORDING: After you introduce yourself, state you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Virginia and then complete your brief recording.

Once complete, email your video to me at  If your video is too large to email, I will provide an option for you to upload the video.

Please pass this e-alert on to others. Encourage them to both pray and act immediately.

Please continue to pray against this horrendous amendment. Pray for your senator and the committee members by name as you contact them.

Thank you in advance for your diligence through both your prayers and actions.

Toni DeLancey
State Director
CWA of Virginia