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The School Violence Prevention Act

By February 17, 2010Education, North Carolina
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In 2009, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the controversial School Violence Prevention Act (SVPA). It is the only anti-bullying law in the southern United States that includes in its protected categories terms associated with homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism.

By December 31, 2009, all 115 North Carolina school districts were mandated to update their anti-bullying policies, reflecting the SVPA’s definition of harassing and bullying behavior.

It is the first time in North Carolina’s history that terms like “gender identity”, and “sexual orientation” have been included anywhere in state law. However, SVPA does not mandate that school systems discuss or promote sexual orientation/identity as part of implementing anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies.

Whether or not the SVPA can be used to promote homosexuality and other related dangerous behaviors in our school systems depends on local school boards as they determine policies and implementation, on vigilant parents and concerned community members.

Concerned Women for America of North Carolina strongly advocates remaining vigilant in prayer and action. Your one voice, one prayer, and one vote can make a difference. Pray, make calls, and write e-mails to your state legislators expressing your opposition to SVPA and demanding its repeal and get involved at the local school board level as these policies are implemented.

PRAY: That local school boards will see the TRUTH and not allow the promotion of homosexuality as they implement SVPA policies in their schools.

“You shall keep the watch of the house, lest it be broken down.” (2 Kings 11:6)

ACT: Contact your local school board members, expressing your concerns and oppostion to SVPB and asking to see the policies that have been written to implement SVPB in your local school district. Study the policies and then, if necessary, voice your concerns to the local school board. Be sure to ask for and look at all curriculum materials including handouts that will be used in the classroom for all grade levels.


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Contact Donna Miller, CWA-NC Issue Specialist/Pornography