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The Partnership between NDSU and Planned Parenthood has been cancelled!

By January 15, 2013North Dakota
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We are glad to announce to you that according to North Dakota State University (NDSU) President Dean L. Bresciani, who spoke with Scott Hennen today on AM1100, the partnership between NDSU and Planned Parenthood has been cancelled. We commend the leadership of Bresciani in this decision and his acknowledgement of the public opinions and values of North Dakota citizens. Also, we thank all of the CWA members and others who stood up for the rights of our children and spoke out through e-mails, letters to the editor and phone calls. One voice matters!! Once again a clear message has gone out to Planned Parenthood and the nation. North Dakota values their children, and we will not give in to the manipulations of an industry hell bent on killing unborn babies.

Click here to read CWA of North Dakota’s statement in response to the initial news that NDSU had formed a partnership with Planned Parenthood.