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The Issue Is Not Hillary’s Age; It Is Her Politics and Legacy of Scandals

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According to a recent New York Times story, the Republicans are targeting Hillary Clinton’s age. If this is indeed the GOP’s strategy for running against Hillary in 2016, then they really are the “Stupid Party.” As if the party was not sufficiently hammered with the Democrat’s and Obama’s phony “war on women” mantra in the 2012 election, they want to hand the Democrats the hammer with which to bash them in 2016.

The fact that Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old during the 2016 election year is not the issue. Her record of policy positions and scandals that go back decades should be the focus of her opponents.

She claims she supports policies “for the children.” Of course, as a staunch defender of abortion, she means only those children who are not killed and dismembered at abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. You may remember that in 2009 Planned Parenthood awarded then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton their “Margaret Sanger Award,” which she proudly accepted from the nation’s leading abortion provider. Her age has nothing to do with the fact that she ignores the scientific advancements that show in 4-D technology that abortion kills babies, not blobs of tissue or clumps of cells.

She recently retired from the U.S. State Department under a cloud of suspicion about what she knew about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, including the U.S. Ambassador. In response to questions about her role in this fiasco, which she and President Obama initially, and falsely, claimed was due to a virtually unseen YouTube video, she callously responded, “What difference at this point does it make?”

If the GOP makes a point of her age instead of her legacy of evasiveness going back to her days in Arkansas, then they will miss the opportunity to discredit her on her record and, instead, hand her the votes of offended women across the nation.

Do you remember any of the scandals from the 1990s (some even had their roots in the 1980s) that had Hillary’s fingerprints all over them? There was Whitewater (fraudulent land deal), Travelgate (wholesale firing of the White House travel office to give business to friends), Filegate (illegally collecting more than 900 FBI files of American citizens), the Rose Law Firm billing records (mysteriously appearing in the White House residence two years after they were subpoenaed) and, of course, “bimbo eruptions” (Hillary dutifully deflected any and all accusations by women who said Bill had affairs with them). There were many more, but if you Google these, it will keep you busy for a while and provide links to the others.

It should be noted that Hillary was up to no good, as evidenced by these scandals when she was in her 40s and 50s.  Her age in 2016 should not be the issue with the wealth of questionable decisions, scandals, and policy positions Mrs. Clinton has left behind for her political opponents to use. Going after her age is guaranteed to anger many women who will jump to her defense. Hillary’s age is just a number; it’s her politics and history of scandals that many Americans consider old and tired.