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The Bucks Stop Here

By February 23, 2011Sanctity of Life
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For at least a generation our elected representatives have been collectively passing the buck, as it were, when it comes to overspending by government. Each congress vows to be fiscally responsible, yet somehow always finds a way to justify continued deficit spending, passing along an ever-increasing national debt. The rise of the TEA Party movement, however, has led to a sea change in that thinking. Among the 80 freshmen members of the 112th Congress, is Rep. Dan Benishek, M.D., R-Michigan. Benisheck is not the least bit shy about his efforts to guard our nation’s economy and security by holding back on government spending. The fact is that the taxpayer well has run dry, and those visiting this freshman member of Congress get the message loud an clear from a banner located just inside his office door. Rep. Benishek talks with CWA CEO Penny Nance about what it means to take responsibility for changing our nation’s disastrous deficit spending. Listen | Download