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The Boy Scouts’ Most Important Badge: Courage

By January 30, 2013Defense of Family
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Editor’s Note: A version of this article was posted by The Christian Post. Click here to read it.

The all-out war against God’s model for marriage and sexuality is at its apex. Just as we submit our Supreme Court “friend-of-the-court” briefs in support of marriage today, homosexual activists are putting enormous pressure on the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to finally embrace homosexuality by allowing homosexual leaders within their ranks.

I’d like to encourage the Boy Scouts of America to earn their most needed badge courage, courage to face the bullying and intimidation from a group hoping they bend to the forces of political correctness and betray their 102-year record of moral leadership. Why are they backtracking on what the Supreme Court has said is their right?

The BSA released a statement Monday, saying, “Currently, the BSA is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation …” Such action will only result in destroying the Scouts’ reputation and parents’ confidence in what their children will be exposed to as they participate in BSA programs.

Gallup reports that only 42 percent of Americans support changing the policy to allow homosexual scout leaders. Clearly, any poll of parents with sons participating in BSA would be much larger because they understand that the model used to train these young men demands small leader/scout ratios. The adults are always the smallest group in the room and, therefore, must be above reproach for parents to allow their sons to join. Clearly this decision is more about pleasing corporate sponsors than parents.

The BSA trainseach young man to become a leader by allowing them to lead young Scouts. Not surprisingly, two hundred and six members of the 112th Congress have participated in scouting.

I personally saw how far the LGBT community will go to infiltrate the next generation. On a recent flight home, I witnessed a group of 40 Boy Scouts, some of them as young as 11 years old, getting ready to board their plane, as a group of lesbians performed a “kiss-in” right in front of them in the airport. This is only the beginning of how far they would go to embarrass little boys to make their point.

Homosexual activists long ago declared war on the BSA and have for years delivered blow after blow against them for their stand against open homosexuality within their leadership. The Scouts have stood with dignity and valor through every attempt, but all that might be about to change. Homosexual activists are on the brink of finally bullying them into submission, just as they have done with the military under President Obama’s leadership.

The Boy Scouts of America won this battle in 2000, when the Supreme Court affirmed their right to exclude openly “gay” and lesbian adults from participating and leading troops. Concerned Women for America moms echo that decision. Leaving this decision up to local religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units will lead to inevitable confusion and mistrust.

We call on the Boy Scouts of America to remain faithful to their foundation and to be above all courageous in pursuing their core principle of “Duty to God.” Don’t let the Scouts become just one more institution where Christians will be forced to compromise their convictions.