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The Abolition of “I Do”

By January 7, 2011Blog, Defense of Family
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Will same-sex “marriage” lead to polygamy?  That’s what may happen in Canada.

When the Canadian Parliament legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005, their Justice Department commissioned two studies on the issue.  Both recommended decriminalizing polygamy.

Stanley Kurtz, an expert on cultural issues, noted that, “Liberal legal elites are just using the ‘gay marriage’ movement … to get what they’re truly after: the slow-motion abolition of marriage.”

Canada is now dealing with a religious sect that practices polygamy.  The polygamists justify it by pointing to the Old Testament.

But the Bible records the good, the bad, and the ugly — and it clearly shows how damaging polygamy is.  Look at the strife between Sarah and Hagar, and how Solomon’s many wives turned his heart away to idols.

God was clear: A man shall cleave to his wife, not his partner or his harem.