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The 2011-2012 Biennium of the North Carolina General Assembly Convenes

By January 27, 2011North Carolina
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The 2011-2012 Biennium of the North Carolina General Assembly convened on January 26, 2011.

For the first time in over 100 years the Republicans captured control of both the North Carolina House and the North Carolina Senate in the November elections. Coincidentally, the Senate changed from 31 Democrats and 19 Republicans to 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats. In the House the same was true. The numbers went from 68 Democrats and 52 Republicans to 68 Republicans and 52 Democrats. Sen. Phil Berger (Dist 26 has been elected President Pro-Tem of the Senate. Sen. Tom Apodaca (Dist. 48) has been elected Rules Chairman and Rep. Thom Tillis (Dist.98) is the newly elected Speaker of the House. The conservative voice of the people of North Carolina will be the dominant voice in the affairs of the state.

The most important issue on the early agenda is said to be the 3.4 billion dollar shortfall in the North Carolina budget. Other issues such as Voter ID, the Defense of Marriage Amendment and a lawsuit to repeal Obamacare are reported to be issues that will also have prominence in the legislative agenda, but the budget is the primary concern in order to keep the state operating under such a large deficit.

Concerned Women for America of North Carolina (CWA-NC) requests continued prayers for North Carolina legislators and the difficult decisions they will be making in the coming months. If you are interested in being assigned specific legislators to pray for in the CWA-NC Pray for a Legislator Campaign, please let us know.

Members of the 112th U.S. House of Representatives were sworn in on January 5, 2011, with a gain of 63 Republican seats. There are 242 Republicans and 193 Democrats in the House. They immediately went to work voting for Rep. John Boehner for Speaker of the House.

The final vote on the motion to reduce Congressional salaries and expenses of Members, committee, and leadership offices passed 408 to 13. All North Carolina representatives agreed to the motion.

Final vote on the Resolution for Heath Care Repeal was 236 to 181. The Congressional Budget Office has told Capitol Hill staffers that repeal of nationalized health care will reduce net spending by $540 billion over the period 2012-2021 but also eliminates $770 billion in taxes according to the American Spectator.

New House Rules require the House to “cut as you go” and serves to reduce spending. The new House rules also require that before a vote is taken, legislation must have been posted on the Internet for public review for three days. New procedures include a web cast at every meeting.

Hopefully, these changes will give government of the people, by the people and for the people a new chance. Prayer for all of our legislators is requested.

If you do not know who your legislators are, please call your local Board of Elections to secure their names or visit the North Carolina General Assembly Website. Get to know your representatives and make your 2011 Resolution to be involved in the political process.