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Protecting Parental Rights – Follow-up!

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“For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord …” Genesis 18:19


HCR23-1004, a good bill to establish a parent’s bill of rights, was defeated by the House State, Civic, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee this week. We are grateful to bill sponsor State Rep. Brandi Bradley (R-District 39) for bringing forward this pro-parent, pro-family bill. I represented your voice through testimony before the committee, also joined by other pro-parent groups and citizens.


Thank you for your calls and emails to the committee. We are grateful for your prayers and engagement.


ACTION ITEM: Contact the members of the House State, Civic, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee and thank those who voted “Yes” in support of HCR23-1004 and politely share your disappointment with those who opposed the bill and voted “No.” The committee’s contact information is listed below my signature, along with their vote.


Please forward this information to family and friends.


Please PRAY: Father God, we give thanks for another day of life. We give thanks to Rep. Brandi Bradley for her willingness to file HCR23-1004. We pray for our Senators and Representatives to have a heart to protect children and follow Your design for families. In Jesus’ name, we pray, AMEN.


Looking Unto Jesus,

Karen Pennington

State Director


House State, Civic, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee


Vote for Your Kids

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Democrat Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzmán is introducing a bill that would allow the government to charge parents with a felony if they do not affirm their child’s gender confusion in any way that the child wants. The bill would expand the state’s definition of “Abused or neglected child” to include a child whose parent even threatens to inflict a “mental injury on the basis of the child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.”


This is, of course, yet another thing that “would never happen.” I recently came across a post from just a year ago where noted Christian leaders mocked the concerns of conservative Christians raising precisely this possibility. I would bet even today, as many read this, some will be inclined to think, “No, something will happen to stop this, and it will never be.”


To complicate matters, the fact is that what usually happens is that the first part of that sentiment may be valid for a little while. In other words, even though you are reading about Guzmán’s bill now, it is not new. She’s presented it before. Every time she presents it, it is closer to being passed. Guzmán would have been ostracized within her own party a few years ago. Today, she has their full support, and anyone opposing her stands on the fringes.


Why? Because most people thought “It would never happen.” Then, as I hope you realize, it will inevitably pass, as the people who thought “It would never happen” wonder, “How did we get here?” Well, our silence allowed it. Our busy lives. Our apathy….


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