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Urgent Action Alert: Call and E-mail to Protect Missouri Children

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We are heading toward the finish line, and we need a vote AND a win! The end of the Missouri legislative session is this Friday, May 12. SB49, the “Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act” that will ban experimental transgender treatments and surgeries on minors and protect taxpayers from paying for them is languishing in the House.


Read about SB 49 here.


We need SB 49 to pass for the safety of our children because:

  • No long-term scientific research exists to support the safety or efficacy of sex reassignment treatments on children.
  • Parents are being misinformed by an activist medical community.
  • Children and youth are not capable of informed consent.



Contact Speaker of the House, Rep. Dean Plocher (R-District 89) at 573-751-1544 or [email protected]. Urge him to place SB49 on the House calendar for a vote. If you have contacted the Speaker previously, please contact him again.


E-mail, call, or tweet your State Representative through our Action Center HERE and urge them to vote YES on SB49, the “Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act.”



Please pray for the passage of SB 49 and that the eyes of the members of the Missouri General Assembly be opened to see the need to protect the innocence of minor children in Missouri.


Thank you for acting and praying to protect Missouri children.




Tracy Dougan

State Director

Good News – SAFE Act SB49 Passes in Senate

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After an all-night Democratic filibuster in the Missouri Senate, the SAFE Act – SB49 was perfected with 23 of 24 Republican senators voting “yes.” The third read and vote happened on Thursday, March 23, sending the bill to the Missouri House of Representatives. 



Sen. Mike Moon (R-District 29) was the sponsor of SB49. This act establishes the “Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act.” Under this act, no health care provider shall perform gender transition surgeries on any minor. Until August 28, 2027, no health care provider shall prescribe or administer cross-sex hormones or puberty-blocking drugs to a minor for a gender transition unless such minor was receiving such treatment prior to August 28, 2023.


Through the perfection process, the bill was changed significantly.  The original bill included the following:


  1. Banned puberty blockers from children under 18 years of age.
  2. Banned cross-sex hormones from children under 18 years of age.
  3. Banned gender transition surgeries for children under 18 years of age.
  4. Consequences for breaking the law to be considered unprofessional conduct and the license to practice revoked.


The negotiations during the filibuster produced these three additions:


  1. A four-year sunset clause pertaining to puberty blockers and hormones was added.  On August 28, 2027, this provision of the ban will expire unless the legislators in the 2027 session make it permanent. Therefore, we will have to fight this battle again in the 2027 legislature if no approval is granted beyond the sunset date. 
  2. A grandfather clause was added. This clause allows children who are currently on prescribed medications to continue the use of the drugs. In some cases, this is necessary for the safety of the children. Many of these medications can do harm if a child abruptly stops taking them.
  3. Cause of action for patients to bring suit against medical professionals if they are sterilized or suffer harm by any of these medical procedures. Patients who were harmed would be able to sue for an unlimited amount of damages prior to the age of 37 or 15 years after treatment has ceased if they are found to be sterile. 

The SAFE Act Moves to the House

Rep. Brad Hudson (R-District 138) will handle the SAFE Act in the House.


I cannot express how much your prayers and action were a necessary part of the passing of this bill in our Senate. Your voice was heard!


Please continue to share this information and pray our Missouri Representatives will approve this legislation to protect our children.


Tracy Dougan

State Director