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Stop Planned Parenthood From Opening on Kaua’i!

By February 8, 2012Hawaii
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A proposal has been made by Planned Parenthood to establish a clinic at Mahelona Memorial Hospital for the main purpose of performing abortions.

The Board of Directors for Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, which operates the hospital, has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, February 21, at 6:00 p.m. to discuss this proposal. Click here for more information.

Please pray for all pro-life advocates to create enough opposition to this plan that it is completely and finally dissolved and does not become a reality. Pray that the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, which operates the hospital, will be moved to vote against the request of Planned Parenthood to open a clinic, not only in the Mahelona Memorial Hospital, but anywhere else on Kaua’i.

Take Action:

  • 1. Contact the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (, and urge them to not allow abortions or funding of abortions at Mahelona Memorial Hospital on Kauai.

2. Submit testimony to asking that abortions be banned from Mahelona Memorial Hospital and all other healthcare facilities on Kaua’i.

3. Click here to sign a petition put out by Aloha Life Advocates and return it to them by February 19.

4. For those of you who live on Kaua’i, I ask that you also contact your churches to see what they might be planning in opposition to this proposal and participate in whatever way you can.

Let all of us who are pro-life stand together to prevent one more Planned Parenthood clinic from being established on Kaua’i, and let us not forget that our God is the only One with the right to take a life, whether it is the unborn, the elderly, or those with a terminal illness or disability.

In His Service,

Barbara Ferraro
State Director
CWA of Hawaii
(808) 965-9834

Contact me any time to find out how you can get more involved in defending family values in your community, our great state and America.