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Statement of Penny Nance Regarding Sharon Bialek and Herman Cain

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“While seeing Gloria Allred insert herself into another national scandal (her last client was a porn star) was disturbing, listening to Sharon Bialek’s story of how she was dealt with by Herman Cain was even more shocking. I have to reiterate that in my dealings with Mr. Cain he has always been a gentleman. However, hearing that there is a growing number of women who have accused Mr. Cain of inappropriate behavior gives me pause.

“This woman is now the face of an issue that continues to grow and be a distraction for Mr. Cain’s campaign. Mr. Cain needs to address these new allegations head on. Unlike anonymous allegations, Miss Bialek appeared credible, and I was very disturbed by her characterization of what happened. Whoever Republican primary voters choose as their nominee should be a man or woman of good moral character. We said when Bill Clinton was president that character counts, and we still believe that.”