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Statement of Penny Nance on the Chardon High School Shooting

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Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, said today, “Our prayers go out for the families and the children injured or killed at Chardon High School today. This senseless act of violence is a sobering reminder of our fear for the safety of our kids in a school setting. Although schools have a responsibility to keep children safe, this in no way changes the fact that we as parents must be vigilant in our efforts to monitor our kids.

“Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks offer us a unique opportunity to be present in our children’s lives. Parents should not be afraid to parent. There is no constitutional right to privacy for kids from their parents’ authority. If you bought the computer, you own it and the electricity that powers it and, therefore, have a right to monitor its use. As we all grapple with the sadness of this event, let us learn our lesson well. Again, the 500,000 members of Concerned Women for America pray for the citizens of Chardon in their deep grief.”