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Statement of Penny Nance in Response to Ed Shultz’s Recent Attack on Laura Ingraham

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“There is nothing liberals fear more than a strong, conservative and outspoken woman. They will attempt to cut her down by any means necessary to neutralize the threat. Apology or not, Ed Shultz should be swiftly relieved of his position at MSNBC for his brutal attack on Laura Ingraham. The message that was sent by MSNBC to young women across this nation is that if they dare to hold conservative views and speak out they can expect nasty ridicule with no one coming to their defense. Laura Ingraham’s radio show is one of the most listened to in the entire country, so maybe Mr. Schultz was just jealous that he could never measure up. Regardless of his motivation, Laura has something he will never possess, and that, my friend, is class.”