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Dear Friends,

As many of us on the East Coast battle the elements, Concerned Women for America (CWA) has learned that our CEO Penny Nance has been invited to be on FoxNews at 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time (barring any last minute changes by Fox).

Be sure to tune in and listen as Penny discusses the exciting pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow’s story that’s to be shown during the Super Bowl!

Speaking of Tim and his mother, Pam Tebow, CWA has a new petition on our homepage, which you can sign to show your support for their effort to tell their story and inspire the nation with a strong pro-life message. Be sure to check it out. We will send the list of names and states to the Tebows once they’re collected, so be sure to add your name today. You’ll also find some truly incredible, inspiring stories from CWA leaders and members and you can even add your own story at the same time. Just go to CWA’s homepage at and check out the banner featuring Pam and Tim Tebow.

Thanks for all you’re doing to fight the good fight.

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