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South Dakota Legislative Session Begins

By January 11, 2021South Dakota
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The 2021 South Dakota legislative session begins Tuesday, January 12. During this 37-day session, we urge all members to participate as grassroots activists by praying and taking action when called upon by Concerned Women for America (CWA) of South Dakota.

It is imperative that your state legislators hear from you concerning CWA of South Dakota-supported pro-family, pro-life bills. Even more crucial is your help to defeat dangerous, anti-family legislation that CWA of South Dakota opposes.

I will alert you via e-mail regarding these bills and ask you to contact your one senator or two representatives after praying about the bill. For greater impact, please check your e-mails often and feel free to share these alerts with others.

If you do not know the names of your one senator and two representatives, click here or phone the auditor at your county courthouse.

This year, Lisa Gennaro has been added to our CWA of South Dakota lobbying team as a volunteer, representing you in Pierre and promoting CWA’s issues.

The core issues of Concerned Women for America are:

  • Definition of the Family
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Education
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Religious Liberty
  • National Sovereignty
  • Support for Israel

This session is looking to be very busy. Added to the challenge are the precautions presented to us because of COVID-19. We covet your prayers for our protection, health, wisdom, and guidance.

Asking God’s blessing upon you for your faithfulness in prayer and action,

Linda Schauer
State Director