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Sonograms are Saving Lives

By January 14, 2010Sanctity of Life
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The use of ultrasound technology has been saving the lives of countless unborn children when mothers see and bond with their unborn child. Ultrasound images have also turned noted abortion advocates into equally dedicated pro-lifers. Shari Richard, obstetrical ultrasound expert, educator and producer of Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb, has been at the forefront of the movement to use ultrasound not only in pregnancy resource centers but also in abstinence education or anywhere the imagery will impact hearts and minds. Today, new 3-D and 4-D technology is showing increasing detail of prenatal development. Shari discusses these advancements, the positive impact of ultrasound imaging, and the new resource –Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb 2 — she has produced to reflect those details.


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