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Sleeping Giant Awakes During Debate

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Independents finally woke up during last night’s presidential debate.

This debate wasn’t a popularity contest or one of those “let’s see who has the last word” kind of things. It was about providing Americans with real solutions to the ever-increasing fiscal crisis. Let’s face it, Romney hit this one out of the ball park as he reminded Americans of the limited role of government and the liberties endowed by our Creator, stating, “We are endowed by our Creator with our rights, I believe we must maintain our commitment to religious tolerance and freedom in this country.”

Obama appealed to his audience, wishing his wife a happy anniversary, but failed to woo all other women when he was unable to articulate his economic policies. Women make 80 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions and needed to hear how the president will overhaul the nation’s ever-increasing spending habits.

According to a Las Vegas-area focus group, America’s moms have a new perspective on this presidential election after watching last night’s debate. The focus group was comprised of moms who shop at the discount retail chain Wal-Mart (a.k.a., “Wal-Mart moms”) and have children under the age of 18. Such women represent 27 percent of all registered women voters. Many of these Wal-Mart moms were undecided before this debate, but they now favor Romney, saying that he “seemed more aggressive and very forthright,” and “I was undecided and [now] I’m more leaning towards Romney.”

For us Wal-Mart moms and all Americans across the country, this debate was about answers to jobs and desperately needed leadership.

Finally, we have some answers and direction. Even if you disagree with Romney’s policies, you must admit he successfully communicated his economic recovery plans and addressed the president’s failing policies over the last four years.

Yesterday, I gathered all of the Concerned Women for America (CWA) staff to pray that God would grant both candidates wisdom and peace of mind as they entered the debate. But above all, CWA prayed that truth would shine through the candidates’ answers. That prayer was answered.

One down, two debates to go.