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Shar Hoffman Faithful Servant Award Winner: Judy Smith

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Every year Concerned Women for America (CWA) presents the “Faithful Servant” award at its Leadership Conference. This year, the award was renamed to honor Shar Hoffman of CWA of Kansas. Shar embodied the spirit of CWA: A Godly woman, tireless worker, dear friend, and an American patriot who faithfully served CWA of Kansas for over nineteen years. She fought the good fight and in June of this year slipped from this world into the embrace of her heavenly Father.

This year the “Shar Hoffman Faithful Servant Award” was presented to Judy Smith, CWA’s State Director of Kansas. Judy walked alongside Shar as they diligently worked to make CWA of Kansas an influential state organization. Together, they were a power duo that frequented the halls of their state legislature to speak out on pro-life and pro-family issues. Shar and Judy were also the best of friends, adding to the many reasons they made a winning team in Kansas.

Judy continues to be a faithful servant in her state legislature. She and fellow state leaders have helped implement pro-life legislation and anti-trafficking laws. Judy is currently waging war against sexually-oriented industries including sex-trafficking, pornography and normalizing pedophilia. Her reputation throughout Kansas provides the foundation for great influence and thus Judy is frequently quoted for her expert opinion in multiple publications, including the Topeka Capital-Journal. CWA’s National Field Director, Kenda Bartlett, shared “Judy is a woman who has been faithful to the calling that God has placed on her life to be a part of CWA. She has led faithfully in her state; she is respected among her peers in the conservative movement in her state; she is known as a woman of integrity among the members of the state legislature and she articulately expresses the principles and precepts of God’s word in her writings.”

Judy admits that she developed her confidence and advocacy skills through information. She explained, “As I became more educated through CWA’s resources, I realized there was something that I could do.” Each day, Judy prayers for God to grant her wisdom and to reveal leftist agendas that threaten the Godly principles in our country. Like CWA, Judy knows God is our ultimate helper and nothing is impossible with His help. She reminds us always, “Arm yourself with information, because it is power. Then get on your knees. God will direct the action thatHe would want you to take.”

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