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Setting the Record Straight

By July 20, 2010Maine
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Last fall I made a speech that has been misrepresented many times. I have just ignored it until now. This week, a blogger on AsMaineGoes asked, “Isn’t [Charla Bansley] the woman that spoke at the Stand for Marriage Maine’s closed-door rally in Augusta? Didn’t she describe homosexuality as ‘a public display of psychosis’? Or do I have my information distorted?”

I am thankful that someone is actually asking the question, rather than continuing to spread the distortion.

As I drove into the civic center parking lot to speak to Christians at the Stand for Marriage rally last fall, I found myself in agreement with a protester carrying a sign that read, “Hypocrite! Adultery. Fornication. Divorce. Pornography.” She and I had come to the civic center with a similar burden: Americans are caught in selfish lifestyles that are destroying the foundation of our society.

At the invitation-only rally, I challenged Christians to examine their own marriages to see where the enemy is sending in “foxes” to “ruin the vineyard of love.” The quote by Charles Krauthammer and my speech were about the moral decay of the American family.

Click here to read the speech. Clearly, I am not calling homosexuals names, but challenging Christians to stand up for morality in their own homes.