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SCOTUS, Remember That Abortion Safety Truly Cares for Women

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In the first major abortion case in almost 10 years, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for the Texas abortion case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a challenge to new Texas regulations requiring hospital admitting privileges and Ambulatory Surgical Center health and safety standards that abortion clinics must now meet.

The case has reignited debates across the land.

In the heat of it all, it feels like there is only one thing that pro-lifers and pro-abortion advocates can agree on: women matter. Their freedom matters; their bodies matter; their lives matter. They deserve what Planned Parenthood calls “Care: No Matter What,” a sentiment with which every pro-lifer would agree.

It is the definition of “care” that becomes so complicated.
Does “care” mean caring for a baby? Does it mean caring for women’s health? What about women’s rights? And what happens when these concerns conflict?

The pro-life side would answer “Yes, care for all of the above” – the baby and women’s health – it all goes together. And women don’t need to kill their children to have rights.

But, by contrast, the pro-choice side is locked in a struggle – a struggle against mom and baby. And now, in this case, a struggle between abortion “rights” and women’s health and safety – the assurance of which can only fairly be said to increase with this law.

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