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House Human Services Committee
March 13, 2013

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, my name is Janne Myrdal, and I am the State Director for Concerned Women for America (CWA) of North Dakota. CWA is the largest public policy women’s organization in the nation. We are here today on behalf of our North Dakota members in support of SB2368.

The fact that the human fetus feels pain introduces a whole new element and level to the moral discourse and public policy debate on abortion. As clearly heard by expert testimony here today, it is a proven scientific fact that the unborn child feels physical pain and suffers pain during an abortion procedure. We do not see the need to repeat or copy any of the facts that other testimony will present here, but allow us to state that it is indeed a tragic fact that it has taken science and society 40 long and sad years to catch up to what we all have known from the beginning of this debate, namely that the unborn child is indeed a human being capable of feeling excruciating pain during an abortion.

We once again have a choice set before us; we must choose to accept the proof and correct the injustice being perpetrated upon unborn children by passing this legislation.

CWA of North Dakota urge a “do pass” on SB2368 giving the unborn child the protection they are owed regardless of their gestational age.