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Save Mother’s Day From the UN!

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Dear Friends,

A U.N. treaty that would abolish Mother’s Day? That’s what radical feminists want. And even worse.

This “women’s rights” treaty would impact every aspect of life and place Americans under the supervision of a U.N. committee of “gender experts.”

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) sounds like a noble name, but it requires countries to change their constitutions and “modify” the behavior between men and women.

What does that mean? It means the government and the U.N. Committee that implements this treaty can interfere in every crevice of life.

Don’t believe it? Check out what the CEDAW Committee has told other countries that have signed it:

  • Criticized Belarus for celebrating Mother’s Day.
  • Told China to decriminalize prostitution.
  • Told Mexico – which outlaws abortion – to make abortion easy to access.
  • Told Slovenia to limit women’s choices of what academic fields they can study.
  • Criticized Ireland for the Catholic Church’s influence on attitudes and policy.
  • Told Italy to revise school textbooks to reflect non-stereotypical gender roles (i.e. don’t show women as mothers).
  • Told Mexico to provide “a more equitable redistribution of wealth.”
  • Told Hong Kong to require religious institutions to follow the dictates of the treaty.

And the list goes on.

Right now radical feminists are pressuring U.S. senators to ratify CEDAW. They see their window of opportunity closing after the next election and they’re in a hurry to get CEDAW passed.

They claim that CEDAW won’t impact America, it will only help women in other countries.


Nearly every country has ratified CEDAW including countries with the worst records for abusing women. It has not improved women’s conditions in the countries that need it most. Do they really believe Iran will stop abusing women if the U.S. signs CEDAW?

But, if the U.S. does ratify CEDAW, it would deny women in America our basic freedoms and rights.

CEDAW’s all-encompassing scope violates the U.S. Constitution’s limits on government. It violates our freedom of religion and freedom of association. and our freedom to be mothers and to raise children according to our values.

The only thing that can keep Americans from being under the thumb of this awful treaty is the U.S. Senate.

And one thing that can convince U.S. senators is you.

Tell your senators to oppose CEDAW!

Visit and sign the Save Mother’s Day petition.

And forward this to your friends and family!


Wendy Wright
Concerned Women for America

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