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Republicans Urge Fiscal Clarity

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Thursday morning, April 7, Republican Study Committee members joined Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Arkansas) on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to protest the 47th day of the budget “wilderness,” as Congressman Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) called it. They were referring to the Senate’s failure to act on any Republican initiatives to fund this fiscal year, especially H.R. 1, the budget bill which the House passed 47 days ago. If nothing happens and no resolution is met, the government is set to shut down Friday at midnight, temporarily disabling all but necessary federal functions.

Congressman Mike Pence’s (R-Indiana) speech was the capstone to the morning rally, as he highlighted the unwillingness of Senate Democrats to compromise for even the basic functioning of our government. He said:

Now Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) on the House Floor this morning said that this is about ideology. But let’s be clear on this point: Senate Democrats are threatening to shut down the government because they oppose the two percent cut in the federal budget this year.

Let’s be clear on this point: liberals in the Senate are threatening to shut down the government because they want to continue to borrow money from China to underwrite the largest abortion provider in America.

I urge my colleagues in the Senate: Drop your ideological fights; heed the voice of the American people; support us as we support the troops; and join us in the modest budget reforms that we have sent to the Senate floor.

Well said, Mr. Pence!