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Remember the Baby!

By October 14, 2010New Hampshire
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Why do we celebrate Christmas?! Lights are beautiful; trees are awesome; penguins and polar bears are cute; presents are cool; but . . . Our God is infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, creator of all and, most importantly, He is our Savior! Christmas is all about the birth of a baby Jesus! God’s only Son. Our Emmanuel.

We are celebrating His birthday! We are celebrating because He changed and continues to change our hearts and lives every day!

This holiday season Concerned Women for America of New Hampshire wants to encourage you to celebrate Jesus by displaying a nativity in your yard or street-side window.

Light up your neighborhood with the Love of God this Christmas!

Let’s Remember the Baby! The reason for the season!

Get Involved!

Help us spread the word!

  • Print and distribute our flyer .
  • Display a bumper sticker and/or yard sign (small donation appreciated)
  • Share this page with your address book.
  • Display a nativity in your yard, in a lit street-side window and/or hang a flag with the nativity picture.
  • Encourage your church to display a nativity; volunteer to put it up and take it down.
  • Consider donating a nativity to your church or ask for donations from church members to purchase one.
  • Enter your church in our drawing for a 4 ft. silhouetted nativity. To enter your church, simply e-mail us at with your church’s name and address. New Hampshire churches only please.
  • Send cards that display the nativity!
  • Watch Caring for New Hampshire coming to your local New Hampshire public access station for updates on “Remember the Baby!”

Light up your community with the love of God this Christmas!

Remember the Baby!