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Remain Encouraged

By December 9, 2022Colorado
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Greetings from Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Colorado. CWA volunteers from around the country spent a week in Georgia going door-to-door, encouraging Georgians to vote in the December 6 senate run-off race. Colorado was represented as I canvassed with CWA. The election results were not as we desired – sending a pro-abortion, anti-family Senator back to Washington, D.C. However, we must be aware of God’s timing and ways, even when we do not understand.

We remain encouraged that God is still on His throne, and He sees all. Psalms 87:5 reads: “Truth will spring up from the earth, and justice will rain down from heaven.” (TLV)

As 2022 closes, remember that CWA of Colorado is committed to following God’s call, and through prayer and action, we will find hope in God for the road ahead!

God Bless you in 2023!

Karen Pennington
State Director
CWA of Colorado