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Question: Did I Sacrifice My Family for My Country?

By November 6, 2012Blog
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After many months of organizing phone banking, door knocking, voter registration tables and more, our CWA She Votes 2012 leader received a lovely card from her husband and daughter that meant the world to her.

“As a She Votes 2012 Field Director God has stretched me in so many ways! Trying to balance this CRAZY, fun, exciting job and family life has been a challenge. My husband gave me this card this a.m. It brought me to tears.  I will share.  It said, ‘Your courage, determination and strength of character make you who you are, and that’s someone who has the power to make dreams come true.  We believe in you!’  Then he and all four of my girls wrote a note in the card.  God is good, and He gets all the glory for ALL we do.”

Her daughter Kenzie wrote, “Mom!  You are one of the hardest working women I know.  Thanks for all you do.  You are an inspiration to us girls and people all around you!  I love you!”

Answer: Clearly Not. She Votes 2012 Leader, Michelle McCauley of Ohio, admired by husband and daughters for her work in She Votes 2012.