Pro-Family State Legislation in the 125th Maine Legislature

By March 15, 2011Maine
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L.D. 924 would require doctors to educate women on the risks and alternatives to abortion. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Eleanor Espling (R-New Gloucester).

L.D. 116 would require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. Tyler Clark (R-Easton) sponsored this bill to “allow time for women to make such an important decision.”

L.D. 31 is sponsored by Rep. Rich Cebra (R-Naples). “An Act To Protect the Safety of Maine Children by Requiring the Express Consent of a Legal Guardian To Dispense Prescription Medication to a Minor” would strengthen parents’ rights in the healthcare of their children. The Judiciary will hold a hearing on this bill on Tuesday, March 22, at 1:00pm, in Room 438. Consider bringing your Prayer/Action Chapter to testify or support others in prayer!

The following bills have not come out of the Revisor’s Office with an L.D. number:

  • Rep. Dale Crafts (R-Lisbon) has introduced a bill to strengthen Maine’s parental consent laws before a minor child receives an abortion.
  • Sen. Debra Plowman (R-Penobscot) has sponsored a bill to make it a crime to assault an unborn child.
  • Rep. Kenneth Fredette (R-Newport) has introduced legislation to require people to use the restrooms that correspond to their biological sex.
  • Rep. Jarrod S. Crockett (R-Bethel) has proposed a bill to require parental approval before a child participates in a sex education class.
  • Rep. Ricky D. Long (R-Sherman) has sponsored legislation to establish an “opt-in” policy for certain programs offered by public schools.

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