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Prideworks Conference 2010

By December 2, 2010Education, New York
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For the past 12 years, teenagers in Westchester County, New York have been invited to attend a conference on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) lifestyle featuring a collection of workshops aimed at affirming and encouraging their investigation of the homosexual lifestyle. Held during school hours, the conference is often attended by youth who forge their permission slips. Jeanne Sparks is a CWA Prayer Chapter leader in Westchester County and has attended this event for the past 6 years. She shares her experiences interacting with those young people, sharing Christ with them, as well as information on homosexuality they don’t hear inside the conference. She also tells us how we can be watchful of similar events in our own communities, and how we can reach out to, and pray for, searching youth.


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