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Prevent Voter Fraud in North Carolina! Support Voter ID by Contacting Your Representative!

By March 19, 2013North Carolina
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As you and I know, Voter ID is an important issue in North Carolina. North Carolina House Speaker Tillis is committed to passing a voter identification law that protects the sanctity of the ballot box. We each must do all we can to prevent voter fraud in our great state. It is important that we all pray and take action on this issue.

You can make a difference!


That our North Carolina representative will support Voter Identification to prevent voter fraud at the polls!

Take Action:

Contact House Speaker Thom Tillis (R) and your representative through the General Assembly switchboard by calling: (919) 733-7928, with the message: “Prevent Voter fraud;support Voter ID”! Click here to find out who your representative is.

Watch for more information on this issue as we expect this to eventually go to the House floor for a vote.

Go to to listen to any session of the 2013 General Assembly. It is your duty as a citizen to be informed.