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Penny Nance Applauds Prop. 8 Video Ruling

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled in line with the Supreme Court, saying that the videotapes of the Proposition 8 trial in California should not be released. Concerned Women for America (CWA) Chief Executive Officer and President Penny Nance said:

This is a great victory for the rule of law, something that has been under assault throughout the Proposition 8 trial under the outrageous guidance of Judge Vaughn Walker. We applaud the Ninth Circuit for not giving in to the ideological pressure and groups who look to profit politically from the release of these videos. We hope the Court takes the same approach as it prepares to decide the case on its merits. The trend toward violence and intimidation from some of the more radical elements of the homosexual activist movement has been troublesome. With this ruling, the Court is signaling that it refuses to aid and abet them in their tactics.