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Opportunities to Become a Supporting Partner of CWA-NC.

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Concerned Women for America of North Carolina (CWA-NC) provides exciting opportunities to influence public policy in your community. CWA-NC Pastors’ Conferences assist church leaders in understanding ways that the church can be a part of this process.

The recent regional leadership conference in Charlotte where participants from nine surrounding states attended has made CWA-NC’s vision for state and regional conferences a reality. (See Standing Strong Together)

All CWA-NC activities require funding. In order to continue these events, we need your help. We depend on the generous support of our members to have the resources we need to continue to be salt and light in our state.

You can become an important partner at whatever support level you choose.

Here are three ways you may contribute to our CWA-NC efforts.

1. You can write a check to CWA and send it to our CWA-NC address. One hundred percent of every donation made to CWA in this way stays in the state for its use. You can also make a donation to CWA-NC at the CWA-NC Web site: If you mail a donation to CWA in Washington, D.C., please be sure to designate your gift to CWA of North Carolina.

2. For those in the Charlotte region, you can save money and help CWA-NC at the same time. We share profits when you buy a Community Service Book. Coupons with savings of more than $5000.00 are available in the book or as needed from an online account. The online book is $15.00 and valid for one year from purchase. The hard copy is $19.95 but includes a coupon for the online edition. So you can get both for an additional $4.95. CWA-NC receives 50 percent of the book sales. We welcome your participation; check out the web site at

3. A new partner, Products for Good, offers a unique line of outstanding patriotic products fashioned from Iraqi coins obtained by coalition forces in Basra. Disabled Americans are employed to assemble the products. A percentage of the proceeds is given to charities such as USA Cares (which supports wounded veterans and their families) as well as non-profits like CWA-NC. The products are shadowboxes focused on the branches of the military, police and firefighters. These are suitable for personal gifts or awards. Find details about this sharing project at

Please consider sharing your prayers, your contributions and your participation with CWA-NC.

Concerned Women for America of North Carolina
P.O Box 472903
Charlotte, NC 28247