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Ohio’s Last Chance for a Heartbeat Law This Year!

By December 9, 2011Ohio
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The Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 125) would protect every unborn child in Ohio who has a detectable heartbeat. If you want to protect babies with beating hearts, you need to act now! The Ohio House voted to pass the bill 54-44 in June. Now, it needs to be passed by the State Senate’s Health Committee and then by the full Senate. We would like to see this happen this month.

The first hearing of the Heartbeat Bill (H.B.125) in the Ohio Senate Health Committee went well Wednesday. Founder of National Right to Life, Dr. Jack Willke; Constitutional expert, Professor David Forte, and our other witnesses brilliantly put to rest any concerns about “unintended consequences” and the constitutionality of the bill. Newborn Baby Halley, who “testified” in the House Committee via ultrasound when she was only 9 weeks gestation in the womb, was introduced to the Senate Health Committee exactly 9 months later–now 9 weeks after her birth. The House looked into Halley’s heart; the Senate looked into her eyes!

However, there is an effort brewing to GUT the bill by REMOVING THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF BABIES WITH BEATING HEARTS! Some want to cut the heart out of the Heartbeat Bill–and make it an “informed consent” bill only–without protecting anyone! We must not let this happen. We’re almost to the finish line, but need you to pray and make four more critical calls.

Please call the following senators this week with the following message, “Please do not ‘gut’ the Heartbeat Bill.” It must LEGALLY PROTECT babies with beating hearts!”

  • Senate President Tom Niehaus (614) 466-8082
  • Senator Scott Oelslager 614-466-0626
  • Senator Peggy Lehner 614-466-4538
  • Senator Shannon Jones 614-466-9737

Please pray for the lives of these innocent children; pray that abortion would no longer stop their beating hearts!

Thank you for your prayers and your phone calls!

God bless,

Crystal Gurry
Legislative Liaison
Concerned Women for America of Ohio