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Dear Friends,

President Obama is serving Americans a huge order of double talk. For the past couple of weeks he has touted his “bipartisan health care summit” with House and Senate leaders. Yet today, he released his “new” $950 billion health care proposal, a regurgitated version of the House and Senate bills which Americans overwhelmingly oppose.

It appears that Obama has forgotten, or is ignoring, the lesson from the Massachusetts election. His health care proposal is essentially a retread of what we have been debating for the last year, although it does eliminate the “Cornhusker Kickback,” the sweetheart deal for Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska).

President Obama’s “new plan” still forces Americans to pay for abortions. It imposes taxes on all Americans who fail to have “acceptable” health care coverage while raising health insurance premiums on Americans who already have health insurance.

His plan is nothing new – it is still a government takeover of our health care system. And, if it passes, it will be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe, despite polls clearly demonstrating that Americans do not want the government to fund abortions.

This “new plan” is a great example of President Obama’s fuzzy math. His compromise on the Senate’s $7 billion for Community Health Centers and the House’s $12 billion is to give $11 billion – much of which may go to abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Action: Please call your Representative and Senators today and tell them to oppose President Obama’s “new health care proposal.” Also ask them to oppose any legislation that does not include the Stupak amendment, which prohibits government funding of abortion.

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Read CWA’s press release “Obama’s Plan Same as the Old Plan.”


Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer

Wendy Wright