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ObamaCare: We Knew What Was In It. That’s Why We Opposed It!

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When Concerned Women for America (CWA) first opposed ObamaCare in 2009, one of our many objections focused on health care rationing. CWA said that ObamaCare, if enacted, would prevent doctors from providing health care tailored to an individual’s needs and, instead, will be required to provide only limited one-size-fits-all treatments. The liberals claimed that CWA, and others like us, were trying to “scare seniors” about the death panels included in ObamaCare.

However, this has now become one of the most controversial aspects of ObamaCare. Both Democrats and Republicans in the House are working to repeal the Individual Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) that was included in ObamaCare. IPAB gives a “powerful, unelected, 15-member Medicare payment board” the power to take decision-making “away from doctors and patients and [put] it the hands of elite experts who have virtually no accountability to voters.”

The House is preparing to vote on a bill next Thursday that would repeal IPAB. Please call your representative today at 202-225-3121 and tell them you are a CWA member and you would like them to vote to repeal this unaccountable medical board that has the power to deny seniors the care they need and deserve. To find your representative, please click here.

Another crucial objection focused on abortion. CWA argued that ObamaCare would lead to abortion coverage in health insurance that would be subsidized by the federal government.

For the past couple of years, President Obama has told Americans that ObamaCare would not pay for abortion. In fact, it was his “assurances” that compelled many wavering Democrats to support his huge takeover of our health care system. This despite our warnings that the executive order he touted as creating a firewall between abortions and ObamaCare was totally worthless.

This week, his true intentions on abortion were revealed, when his administration issued its final rules on health care exchanges. As part of the new regulations, a health plan that covers abortions may participate in the exchange unless a state enacts a law that explicitly prohibits such coverage (known as an “opt out” law). Once a person is enrolled in an abortion-covering plan, he or she will be required to pay a defined monthly charge for the abortion coverage, an “abortion surcharge,” which will not be less than $1 per month. According to the rules, every plan participant must pay this abortion surcharge, regardless of any moral objections to abortion the enrollee may have.

Please call your representative and your senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them you are a CWA member and urge them to repeal ObamaCare now. To find your representative and senators, please click here.


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