ObamaCare Six Months Later

By September 15, 2010Defense of Family
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that lawmakers had to pass ObamaCare so they could learn what was in it. Now, six months later, we are still sorting through more than 2-thousand pages of legislation to determine the impact of ObamaCare. A new report by the Heritage Foundation shows how the new law will alter Medicare Advantage, impact senior citizens and the disabled, and bankrupt states already in a budget crisis. The Heritage Foundation and ObamaCare Watch (OCW) recently addressed these issues.

Commentary by Douglas Holtz-Eakin –

Discussion moderated by Bill Kristol featuring James Capretta, OCW Director, and Robert Book on their Heritage Foundation study on the consequences of Medicare Advantage cuts and Douglas Holtz-Eakin –

Keynote address by Senator Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska) on the current state of ObamaCare –

Question and Answer period –

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