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Your Faithful Prayers, Phone Calls and E-mails Made a Difference!

By December 19, 2013North Carolina
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Gov. McCrory will NOT Veto the American Laws for American Courts bill, HB 522, Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights. “Governor McCrory will allow House Bill 522 to become law without his signature. The Governor believes the bill is unnecessary.”

Concerned Women for America of North Carolina would have preferred he sign the bill; however, North Carolinians’ constitutional rights are now protected from foreign laws, including Sharia Law. Act for America, a coalition organization said, “The opponents of this law were very active in trying to persuade the governor to veto this bill and your calls and emails reminded him that we need our rights protected.”

Please read the forwarded message below from Rep. Whitmire, author of HB 522.

Again, thank you for your prayers and voice for truth!

Sheri Miller
State Director
CWA of North Carolina

From: “Rep. Chris Whitmire”
August 23, 2013, 4:08:22 PM PDT
Subject: HB 522 – Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights Bill–Good News and the Rest of the Story

Greetings all,

As of today, 23 Aug 13, Gov. McCrory announced his position on HB 522. His update stated:

Governor McCrory will allow House Bill 522 to become law without his signature. The governor believes the bill is unnecessary.

HB 522 Foreign Laws/ Protect Constitutional Rights -The law will go into effect without the governor’s signature such that–> In divorce, alimony and child custody actions, HB 522 prevents courts from applying foreign law if doing so would violate a person’s federal or state constitutional right.

While this is somewhat of a downer to end on, objective accomplished regardless and we can all celebrate a major Constitutional victory! Many made this possible and it would not have come to fruition without all of you and many others who contributed expertise, support, and encouragement. To all of you I say thank you! Additionally, a special shout-out to the Concerned Women for America; ACT for America; the Security Policy Council; and the American Public Policy Alliance. These organizations provided invaluable expertise and outreach throughout this complex endeavor as illustrated in the example below.

Have a great weekend and THANK YOU!

Chris Whitmire
N.C. House of Representatives
District 113
300 N.
Salisbury Street
Legislative Office Building, Room 537
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925