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New reports reveal Common Core standards are inferior to Georgia Performance Standards

By August 4, 2013Education, Georgia
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State Senator William Ligon (R-Brunwick) released two reports today that clearly show that Georgia traded down when adopting the Common Core standard for math and English language arts (ELA) in 2010. Sen. Ligon requested an independent analysis be completed for the math and ELA standards. Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao, a 25-year veteran of math instruction who teaches mathematics and science education, completed the math analysis, and Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas and a former member of the Common Core Validation Committee, completed the ELA analysis.

Click here to read Sen. Ligon’s press release and the analysis of the standards.

For the past three years supporters and cheerleaders of the Common Core standards have told us that the national standards will “increase rigor and relevance” and “increase text complexity and focus.” In reality, Georgia students are returning to school this year to math and English language arts standards that are substandard. Georgia students graduating under the Common Core “substandards” will be two years behind in math, and reading at an estimated 7th grade reading level. We can do better than this.

It is time to reverse course in Georgia! CWA of Georgia fully supports Sen. Ligon’s legislation (SB 167 and SB 203) which would withdraw Georgia from the Common Core and the aligned assessments; prohibit the adoption of any future national curriculum standards; prohibit intrusive student data-tracking; and provide for a transparent, statewide public adoption process for curriculum standards.

Take action today!
Contact Gov. Nathan Deal, State School Superintendent John Barge, and your state legislators today and tell them to support legislation that will complete remove Georgia from the Common Core standards and aligned assessments. If you have already called, please call again. They need to hear that we will not rest until Georgians has regained our education sovereignty.

Gov. Deal Phone: 404-656-1776 or Online Contact Form

Dr. John Barge Phone: 404-656-2800

Click here to locate your state representatives.