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NANCE: Understanding Barbarians?

By August 23, 2011Sanctity of Life
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Editor’s Note: A version of this article was published by Fox News. Click here to read it.

Imagine if the United States federal government, overwhelmed by our massive debt and entitlement programs, instituted a policy, much like China, under which couples are only allowed to have one child. Imagine the money they would save over the long run – heck, in 70 years, Medicare payments would shrink to a fraction of what they are today, and Medicaid could finally reimburse doctors at reasonable rates.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Not to Vice President Joe Biden. In fact, he said on Monday that he “fully understands” China’s one-child policy and that the United States should learn “together” from what China has done in population control to help control their debt.

Biden has perhaps committed his most insulting gaffe yet.

Biden, supposedly a Roman Catholic, is pro-choice. But the real rub here is his complete lack of compassion for the plight of Chinese women. China uses forced abortion and coercion to make sure families have no more than one child in most circumstances. Chinese families are threatened with loss of work, detention, and human rights violations if they dare to want a second child.

In Chinese culture, it is more than preferable to have a boy than a girl, so girls are often aborted. Thanks to families all over the world, mostly from the United States, girls who do survive in China are adopted. But many just aren’t that lucky and succumb to the “enforcement” of a barbaric policy.

Last year, a rare news story came out about a first-hand account of how China uses abortion to enforce the policy, even on a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy. CNS News reported that:

According to the report by al-Jazeera television, heavily pregnant Xiao Ai Ying was forced to undergo an abortion at a hospital in the southeastern coastal city of Xiamen because she and her husband, Luo Yan Qua, already have their permitted one child – a 10-year-old daughter.

“There were many men surrounding my wife,” Luo told a reporter outside. “They held her arms behind her back, pushed her head against the wall, kicked her stomach, and I don’t know if they were trying to give her a miscarriage.”

The report said Xiao’s unborn baby was then given a lethal injection. She was filmed waiting to deliver the dead child.

This is the kind of policy that Vice President Biden “fully understands.”

Is this the official position of the Obama administration? I wouldn’t be surprised, given that Barack Obama himself, when he was an Illinois state senator, voted on four different occasions not to compel medical professionals to try to save the life of a baby who survived an abortion.

But Vice President Biden didn’t stop there. He then suggested that the United States should learn from China’s policy, like forcing its citizens to have only one child, to help manage debt. This is an insult to the basic American values of life and liberty. We should cut off government spending, not the lives of innocent children, in order to control our nation’s debt. To suggest otherwise is nothing short of lunacy.

Millions upon millions of babies in China have been subjected to the destructive brutality of abortion, and unless the country changes its policies, the extraordinary massacre will not stop. Women and families have been, and will continue to be, harmed because of the one-child policy.

There is nothing whatsoever to “understand” about China’s horrific abortion-centric culture.

Penny Nance is CEO and President of Concerned Women for America.