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Nance on High Court Striking Down Violent Video Games Law

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Washington, D.C.– Concerned Women for America (CWA) Chief Executive Officer Penny Nance had this to say regarding the Supreme Court’s decision in EMA v. Brown, striking down California’s law against the sale of violent video games to minors:

“The Supreme Court, once again, deals a heavy blow to our children. The evidence proving violent video games have adverse effects on our kids is undeniable. Mothers, especially, know this to be true. In the type of games covered by this law, children are not just exposed to extreme violence, they are, in fact, asked to ‘participate’ in it. These are ‘role-playing’ games in which game developers offer our children the ‘thrill’ of engaging in murder, sexual assault, and other heinous crimes. The desensitization cannot possibly be ignored by any reasonable person. Our culture will surly continue to feel the disastrous effects of this decision for years to come.”