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MTV Rejects Pro-Life Ad, Partners with Planned Parenthood

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MTV has banned an ad offering help to pregnant women, even as it runs PSAs for the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Click here to watch the ad “We Can Help.”

The network notified Heroic Media that it was rejecting the “We Can Help” ad a day after it announced the decision to the press.

The pro-life group explained in a statement that “an MTV sales representative, who notified Heroic Media’s advertising agency of the decision, indicated that MTV President Stephen Friedman made the decision.

“According to the sales representative, MTV, ‘Was in the works with doing a partnership with Planned Parenthood and different opportunities for PSA’s when he decided that he did not want to run Heroic Media on MTV.’”

MTV has previously run ads from Heroic Media, but Jeannie Kedas, Vice President for the cable music network that gained notoriety for pushing the cultural envelope, said the MTV “standards department” ruled against airing any more ads from the group.

The script for “We Can Help” reads:

Young Woman: I’m pregnant.
Adult Woman: It happens
Young Woman: I’m afraid.
Adult Woman: That’s normal.
Young Woman: I’m worried, my boyfriend’s scared, my parents are mad.
Adult Woman: Get a grip people.  You’re not alone.  We can help.