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More Links Surface Between Planned Parenthood and Sex Trafficking

By February 9, 2011Sanctity of Life
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The national media first reacted with shock over the release of undercover tapes showing Planned Parenthood workers actively aiding the sex traffickers. That daring undercover operation was the work of Lila Rose, President of Live Action. Now, as more videos are released from similar sting operations at Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation, the national media is rallying to the defense of Planned Parenthood and attacking the messenger. CWA President Wendy Wright has more on this operation, the criminal investigations that have resulted from it, and how this can bolster efforts to end taxpayer subsidies for the abortion giant. Listen | Download

To see more videos linking Planned Parenthood to sex trafficking visit:

CWA President Wendy Wright participated in an emergency webcast regarding these videos and the efforts at both national and state levels to end taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. Here are some of her quotes:

Sex traffickers will take their victims to abortionists to end pregnancies or test for sexually transmitted diseases in order to keep their victims usable for sale. Planned Parenthood has apparently realized this, and that they could make not only one sale, but repeat sales. Medical professionals are on the front lines to detect a sex trafficking victim and are duty-bound to rescue the victims. Imagine the crushing despair of a trafficking victim, taken outside the shadows to a ‘respectable’ government-funded health care provider, only to learn that they are partnering with the trafficker to assist his illegal abuse. This latest tape confirms that Planned Parenthood continues to partner with abusing men against the women and girls they claim to serve. Congress and state governments need to quit funding Planned Parenthood and their corrupt practices that abuse women.

Each new tape reveals Planned Parenthood’s institutional complicity with sex abusers and human traffickers. Even their official response exposes their attitude toward sex abuse and trafficking: They call their shocking practice of aiding child sex traffickers ‘professional.’ Neither the Planned Parenthood agents in clinics or at their headquarters seem at all surprised or disturbed that sex traffickers would be using their services. All of Planned Parenthood’s actions thus far reveal that it is business as usual for them to assist rapists and sex traffickers to continue abusing girls. Planned Parenthood, a tax-funded entity, partners with criminals against their female victims. Government officials now have a choice: will they side with child sex traffickers and their accomplice Planned Parenthood, or will they criminally investigate and end taxpayer funding of this group that openly aids and abets modern day slavery?

You can view that webcast here: