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More Evidence of IRS Bias Against Pro-Life Groups

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In the midst of the IRS scandal, a new audio recording released by the Alliance Defending Freedom will shock its listeners. In a conversation between an IRS agent and the head of Pro-Life Revolution, the agent makes clear that pro-life group’s religious beliefs and activities to help women at abortion clinics would not allowed them to be a tax-exempt organization, like Planned Parenthood for example. The agents states, “your action is based on more blind, emotional feelings factually a violation.” Presumably, a violation of IRS guidelines. She also continuously tells the head of the pro-life organization, “You can’t force your religion or force your beliefs on someone else.”

Pro-Life Revolution is a Texas-based conservative group that seeks to counsel mothers who are seeking abortions and educate them on the long-term effects of abortion. The group waited more than two years to receive their tax-exempt status from the IRS because of agency bias like the one exposed by the call. This is yet another example of the IRS targeting groups with conservative religious beliefs. Concerned Women for America (CWA) calls on congress to get to the bottom of these abuses at the IRS and to ensure the people involved are held accountable and that future agenda-driven administrations and/or individuals are not able to abuse their positions to impose their views on any group.

For full transcript, click here.