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Missourians Have the Right to Oversee Their Children’s Education

By March 5, 2013Missouri
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Your legislative team in Jefferson City needs your help to protect your rights to oversee the education of your children in Missouri.

Hearings for SB210 and HB616 are scheduled this week in Jefferson City. These two bills will push back against Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Some aspects of the CCSS that concern us are:

1) The Missouri Constitution requires the State School Board to obtain legislative approval to change the state’s curriculum. They did not obtain this approval prior to or after signing on to CCSS.

2) The CCSS are a set of national standards (which the federal government is forbidden by law from creating) which were developed by a group of progressive education reformers in D.C. and released under the auspices of two Washington trade groups. Because those groups have members from the states, the creators claim this effort was “state-led.” But state representatives had little or no meaningful input to the development process.

3) Home schools and private schools are the next target for CCSS. If they accept any federal funding, they will also be forced to adopt CCSS. If CCSS proponents have their way, all standardized tests will align with CCSS forcing private and home school families to teach to the test or risk being unfairly evaluated for college and scholarships. CCSS is part of a broader federal effort to collect huge amounts of personal student and family data (P-20 longitudinal data system). Data, like that collected through the new health care mandate, will be shared among federal departments (e.g. HHS, Labor, Corrections) and private entities who claim a need to know for education purposes.

Go to for more information on CCSS in Missouri.

SB210 – Sponsored by Sen. John Lamping (R-24) will be heard in the Education Committee on Wednesday March 6, 2013, at 3:00 p.m. in the Senate Lounge, 3rd floor east. Click here for more information on SB210.

HB616 – Sponsored by Rep Kurt Bahr (R-102) will be heard in the Downsizing State Government Committee on Thursday March 7, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 4. Click here for more information on HB616.

Please Pray: Please pray for your state representative and state senator by name. May they do what’s right on behalf of Missouri parents and children. Pray for the Education Committee in regards to SB210 and the Downsizing State Government Committee in regards to HB616.

Please Take Action: Please join us in Jefferson City for these hearings and call your state representative and state senator and encourage them to support passage of these important education bills. Click here to find your state representative or state senator.