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May 18 is Pro-Life Tuesday in the State Legislature

By May 13, 2021Maine
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The Judiciary Committee of the Maine legislature will hear several life bills this coming Tuesday, May 18. The bills listed below will be heard on the same day by the same committee. Concerned Women for America of Maine will be testifying on behalf of our members, and I also want to encourage you, as a private citizen, to make your voice heard on these good pro-life bills.

  • L.D. 748, An Act to Prohibit Taxpayer Funding for Abortion.
  • L.D. 851, An Act To Ensure Women Are Informed of Abortion Pill Reversal.
  • L.D. 915, An Act To Conform State Law to the Federal Hyde Amendment
  • L.D. 825, An Act To Ensure Equality in Women’s Health Care Access in Maine by Requiring Facilities Providing Abortions To Inform Patients of Options and Alternatives” and
  • L.D. 1225, Title: An Act To Provide Dignity for Fetal Remains.

To learn more about the bills, click on the link for a bill, and then click on the blue menu to the left entitled “bill text and other docs.”

Talking points for a short testimony:

  • You are opposed to paying for abortion;
  • You want women to have all available information on abortion pill reversal for their protection;
  • The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal Medicaid funding for abortions except in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest. Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for abortion.
  • You want women to know all options and alternatives to abortion, and
  • You want aborted babies to be cremated or buried, not sold or used for experimentation.

Take Action
#1. Write a brief testimony (1-2 sentences is OK) and submit it to the Judiciary Committee following these instructions:

Click here to submit your testimony.  Choose public hearings, choose Judiciary Committee, choose May 18, choose 9:00 a.m. Select the bills you want to address, one at a time, check whether you want to present testimony live or written, and submit each one individually. Once you have done this, your written testimony will be received by the members of the Judiciary Committee, and you are done.  If you choose to testify using your written testimony, you will receive a Zoom link from the committee clerk to attend the Zoom hearing on May 18.

#2. Please forward this e-alert to friends and family.

Please Pray:  Dear Heavenly Father, You are the giver of all life, and we ask for Your favor on the State of Maine and move on the hearts of the legislators to vote in favor of life. We praise You for these Godly servant legislators who have taken a stand for life.  Please guide and direct us to stand for You with them in the public square for life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Penny Morrell
State Director