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Marriage Wins Again in the Court of Public Opinion

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Editor’s Note: A version of this article was published by American Thinker. Click here to read it.

Don’t buy it. When people say that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable, recognize it for the peer-pressure, crowd-mentality, intimidation tactic that it is. And respond, “Did you know that 62 percent of Americans nationwide believe marriage should be defined only as the union of one man and one woman? Only 35 percent disagreed.”

This is the result of a nationwide survey by Public Opinion Strategies which polls for NBC News/Wall Street Journal, Fortune 100 companies, and members of Congress. The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) commissioned the survey.

This poll reflects the poll booth as well. In the 31 states that have voted on marriage, voters in all 31 have upheld the true definition of marriage – by an average vote of nearly 68 percent!

ADF noted, “Marriage is a social, cultural, economic, and moral good. Americans believe this. Altogether, a total of 63 million Americans have voted on state marriage amendments. Forty million – 63 percent – voted yes to protect marriage in their state constitutions. However, those attempting to redefine marriage have attacked marriage through activist courts and have spent untold millions enlisting the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and major corporations to position marriage supporters as loathsome bigots. The solid majority of Americans who continue to support marriage have all but lost their voices in the face of these assaults on their collective character.”

The survey, consisting of 14 focus groups with 124 “swing voters” “undecided” on marriage and a national survey of 1,500 Americans, found:

By a 62-36 margin, Americans said “I believe marriage should be defined ONLY as the union between one man and one woman.” (53 percent STRONGLY AGREE with this statement) Americans believe marriage is a special, unique, timeless, and universally-defined ideal that benefits society like no other relationship is able to do. Americans believe that the societal purpose of marriage is to naturally build healthy families for the good of future generations and that children do best with both a mom and a dad. Americans reject the idea that it is bigoted or discriminatory to believe that society should uphold and promote the ideal – marriage as the lifelong, faithful union of one man and one woman in which children are raised with both a mom and a dad. Pro-marriage Americans list marriage as their number one issue at more than two-and-a-half times the rate as those who favor marriage redefinition. Americans believe that voting matters and are tired of having their votes threatened by courts.

It’s time to find our voice – and this is great information to speak out on.