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March for Marriage

By March 21, 2013North Carolina
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The U. S. Supreme Court will meet to hear oral arguments as to whether the federal definition of marriage as one man and one woman is constitutional.

North Carolina organizations join together with pro-family organization and individuals from across the country to march in Washington, D.C. to support traditional marriage on Tuesday, March 26 for the March for Marriage. Please join with the North Carolina Values Coalition and CWA of North Carolina as we charter buses leaving from Raleigh Tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. and returning to Raleigh that evening.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Tuesday, March 26, in this case, and experts predict the outcome could be a deciding case on marriage in our country. The other case – Windsor vs. U.S. – will decide whether the federal definition of marriage as one man and one woman is constitutional. Who would have ever believed that in 2013 our U.S. Supreme Court would be debating the very definition of marriage? These Supreme Court cases could have a far-reaching impact on the building block of our society, and we simply can’t overstate their importance. That’s why we are co-sponsoring and supporting the historic March for Marriage next week. With a case as critical as this one, it is important that the Justices see thousands of people on the steps of the Supreme Court in support of marriage!

When over 60% of voters in North Carolina voted for the marriage amendment last year, they weren’t voting to define marriage, but to preserve it. That’s an important distinction, as we are less than seven days away from the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Hollingsworth vs. Perry case, which will determine whether or not California’s Proposition 8 is constitutional. The citizens of California approved this measure protecting and preserving marriage back in 2008 with over seven million voters.

Will you join us at the March for Marriage next week? We have chartered two buses from Raleigh that will leave Tuesday morning in time for the rally in Washington and return that evening. Click here to register. Scholarships for the buses are available. If you are interested, please e-mail for more information.

There are also buses leaving from Hickory. E-mail for more information.

Please prayerfully consider joining us or financially supporting this trip so that others might join us. Marriage is a fundamental part of our society, and we must do everything that we can to preserve it. Over the next seven days, we will be praying over these cases, the lawyers who are defending marriage, and the Justices on our Supreme Court. Please join us in prayer for the next seven days, and ask your church families to pray along with us.

Let’s March for Marriage!

Sheri Miller
State Director
CWA of North Carolina