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March 18: URGENT CALL TO ACTION – Stop HB 487

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Urgent request from the Stop Predatory Gambling Georgia leadership team:

HB 487 is the governor’s legislation which would bring all convenience stores or places that sell video lottery scratch- off tickets under the authority of the Georgia Lottery Commission. It is positioned as good legislation but it gives an unelected, appointed committee, the Georgia Lottery Commission, way too much power. While it may bring in more money for the HOPE scholarship, it will also promote more gambling.

HB 487 must be amended to eliminate all forms of Class B gaming in the State of Georgia. Anything short of that is state sponsored predatory gambling. We do not want any expansion of the powers of the Lottery Commission. There is a better way to support student scholarships than expanding gambling in our state. We are watching this vote closely and reject all arguments that this will help clamp down on illegal video poker operations in our state and provide revenue for the HOPE scholarship.

HB 487 was only introduced a few weeks ago and passed the House 116-4. It passed out of the Senate 35-16 last Thursday, but the bill moves back to the House because the Senate passed an amendment on local control.

Action Needed!

Call the following people and urge them to vote NO on HB 487 when it comes up for reconsideration. Call or e-mail on Monday (3-18), Tuesday (3-19) or Wednesday (3-20). This legislation is being rushed through before anyone understands the bill.

Speaker of the House David Ralston
Phone: 404-656-5020

Bill sponsor Rep. Matt Ramsey
Phone: 404 656-7146

Governor Nathan Deal
Phone: 404 656-1776

Your state representative – Click here to find your representative.

Concerned Women for America of Georgia opposes any form of gambling. It is destructive and causes irreversible harm on individuals and families.

Stop Predatory Gambling Georgia (SPPG) Leadership Team Judy Craft, Ray Newman and Terri Green